Photo Guest Book


Wedding Photo Guest Book

This is not your mother’s Guest Book.   Most Brides today think the standard “sign-in” guest books are way out-of-date.  Most now offer guests a Photo Guest Book as they come into the Ceremony or Reception.    The pages can be filled with photos from your courtship, vacations, and your engagement session.   Leave space on every page for guests to write you messages as they “sign in”.    Many photographers can make these books for you, too, but this is most likely a lot less expensive.  You can use these sites to do a mini wedding album for yourself or your parent albums.   Very cool, very professional.  These web sites are very user friendly.  So take a look.  As far as how big it should be, consider 90-100 guests, with maybe half to 2/3 signing a message to you.  So you need a book with space for about 70 signatures/messages.  Figuring 4-6 messages per page, you’d need 10-15 pages.