Both busy physicians in North Carolina, Raycinia and Aaron chose her hometown of St. Louis for their wedding celebration.  Aaron’s than 300 other family members and friends Majestic Hotel became wedding central for the couple and their guests.  They chose Raycinia’s family church, historic Washington Tabernacle Church, for their October 6 wedding.  

Upon entering the church, guests were delighted to see photos of the couple hanging from the

ceiling.  A unique idea to surprise guests.

After an emotional ceremony, the couple joined 325 guests for dinner and dancing
at Windows Off Washington.  The black and white decor was highlighted with black
chair covers and white satin ties.  Candlelight and lush centerpieces from River City
Floral created a romantic mood for the elegant reception.  A highlight of the décor,

the gobo light projecting the couple’s monogram on the center of the dance floor,
added to the couple’s dramatic entrance and first dance.

Music was a top priority for the couple.  After a scrumptious dinner and wedding
cake from Wedding Wonderland, guests danced the night away to Aaron’s favorite
Kansas City band, Sequel.  And, as a token of their appreciation, Raycinia and
Aaron gave each guest a personalized CD of their favorite music.

hile parents enjoyed the adult reception, some 26 young guests were entertained at The City Museum with a pizza and soda buffet in a private party room, accompanied by staff from TLC Event Sitters.
After a family get-together the next day, Raycinia and Aaron took off for an exotic honeymoon in Bora Bora.